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It was many years ago now, on the then Time Warner Point 'n' Click show that I found what I considered a treasure: Google. Unlike many of the search engines of the day, Google wasn't tied to a publishing, all-encompassing platform like Yahoo or Hotbot. Its sole purpose was to "index all the information in the world." Its "algorithm" was geek: relevance to your search string. The more a term or string of words showed up in a particular website, and the more often that website was selected as the "winner" from what was served up, the higher it ranked - the closer to the top of the first page of results - it appeared. It delighted me, and amused my co-hosts, when a subject would come up and I'd type in some words or a phrase, and within a couple of minutes, even seconds, come up with a result worth sharing with our audience for further information, once our experts had dealt with the question. I was smitten with Google.

"Google it,"…

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